You might be familiar with gold-plated pieces of jewelry, but do you ever think about the exact facts of such pure pieces? Well from this article we are going to deliver you the perfect guide for it! Stay focused and keep on reading!

What is Gold plated jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry sets are generally manufactured with either electricity or other chemicals to create a layer of gold over metals like copper, silver, etc. This thin-layer gold metal jewelry is highly affordable compared to the original gold. Now, what’s the point of tearing your pockets? 

We offer 14-carat gold-coated jewelry over authentic silver metal plates as its basement. It contains an optimal protective layer that prevents it from defilement and maintains its beauty for a longer period. Compared to vermeil, gold-plated jewelry is less expensive and lightweight.

High gold karat thickness with 20 to 22 k is potentially more valuable than the vermeil piece. The color of gold is contingent upon the karat weight whereas the 14k piece is light yellow and the 18k with a darker shade. We are here with premium quality gold plated jewelry collections that we make alterations on their thickness level to maintain longevity. 

Why Gold-plated jewelry

Do you know the reason why gold-plated jewelry marketers are receiving much priority nowadays? Here are some handpicked motive points for why you should on it: 

  1. Maintenance and storing

Compared to other metal jewelry, Gold plated metal is a convenient ornament that you can easily maintain and stock it. Proper care and perfect warehousing help you to use it for a longer period without getting any kind of scratches or damage. You can easily port it from one place to another by storing it in bags or boxes for the comfort of your use.

2. Availability

Gold-plated metals are quite handy on both online and offline markets with diverse colors and structures. You can access them easily on different websites which deliver satisfying services. We have a luxurious collection of gold-plated jewels that extremely makes your soul happy. Grab your favorite one without any hassles!

3. Affordable

In this changing era, gold-plated Jewelries are receiving enough hype on the physical or online markets due to its reasonable rate quality. Compared to other metals or pure golds, a bit of gold is present there in an affordable range where it has the competence to give you a finishing look. 

How to give proper care to gold-plated jewelry

Check out some of the important tips and tricks to restore gold-plated jewelry at your home itself! Because aftercare is important for improving its longevity. Keep on reading…

  • Try to avoid harmful products and use appropriate substances for maintaining hygiene levels.
  • Soft bristles, brushes, smooth clothes, soap solutions, and warm water helps you to remove excess dirt and keep it safe for a long period. 
  • Always use body spray or perfumes before you wear jewelry for avoiding color fading
  • Beauty products often contain chemicals that cause tarnishes, it’s better to keep a bit of distance from it. 
  • Clean it frequently with wet wipes
  • Keep it safe in a secured bag or box.

Hope this article helps you to clear all your doubts regarding gold plated jewelleries and helps you to identify its particular peculiarities with some tips and tricks for its maintenance. What are you waiting for ? just go & purchase!!