where you should be! It’s the time to celebrate these delightfully hot and fun summer holidays.The tans will disappear but the reminiscences will last forever.This summer might be kind to you but not to your jewelry! So proper gold-plated jewelry care and storage is important to let it be free from tarnishing orBlue skies and sunshine are discoloration. All the summer enthusiasms and explorations can break into pieces on your jewelry in contact with harsh elements and insecure conditions. Moreover, the jewelry needs proper attention like how you take care of your skin during summer. Things that mostly use in the summer like sunscreen, pool water, lotions, perfumes, etc. Can affect your jewelry’s hygiene and durability. Aurora, the best UAE gold jewelry online presents some exclusive tips to consider to take care of jewelry this summer. Grab our pro tips to let your soul shine with joy without being much worried about jewelry while traveling.


Hooray for the hot summer days! But what about jewelry? Even if you are a beach lover or a lake bum, hot weather and summer adventures might expose the glitters of your jewelry. Moreover, being in contact with harsh elements or unexpected losses of jewelry can put a damper on all of your happiness! Aside from the daily care for gold-plated jewelry, it’s important to take a step forward specifically for summer jewelry care to reduce the risk of loss and damage and to maintain the quality of your precious jewelry. Let’s check how it influences:


Beaches, pools, and lakes are the top terminus to visit during the hot summers. On the other hand, these are the places where jewelry is most often dented, spoiled, and lost! It will be hard for you to accept the reality of canceling such travel plans! But like the old phrase, “Preclusion is much better than treatment”. Deep waters and infinite waves can take off your happiness with a just slip-off! So, it’s relevant to take care of all the precious gold plated arabic jewelry, ensuring to keep it in a secure place before getting into the water to avoid such unexpected sorrows. 


Life gets better with swimming but your chain might not! Chlorine water can ruin the beauty of your favorite Dubai gold plated jewelry with significant damage and discoloration. Excess content of chlorine water removes its polished finish and appears to look dull and dark. So, it’s better to avoid such situations before making bubbles in the water.


It’s your turn! It will be hard for you to avoid jewelry while traveling, isn’t it? For a more in-depth look at different styling ideas read “TOP EIGHT STYLING HACKS WITH JEWELRY”. Make wise and detailed travel plans in considering the weather conditions that suit well for your precious UAE

gold-plated jewelry! Long traveling with misplaced organizations can cause losing of such items along your way. All little things should be noticed like its storing, whether suitability and travel friendliness. From packing to unpacking, every single piece should be carefully handled by keeping it in a safe and secure place. It’s better to keep it in an individual package to avoid breakages and tarnishing. 

Time for some much-needed sun, sand, and the beach! Let’s wrap your jewelry without being hurt by hot summers. Here we discuss some relevant points to take care of your jewelry during the summer season. And we hope you got your answers! We are introducing some exciting collections of gold-plated jewelry UAE to mold your style. Continue reading about “PERFECT OUTFIT TO STYLE WITH YOUR JEWELRY” and let us know your valuable opinion!